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Adult Learn to Sail

Welcome to Calgary's sailing community. Sailing is an enjoyable recreation and an exhilarating sport ... sailing offers something for everyone regardless of age, gender or physical ability. 

We recommend progressing through courses like this:

1.  Keelboat 1 (optionally) Join the Club and sign up for the Co-op Boat program as Crew
 2. Keelboat 2 (optionally) Join the Club and sign up for the Co-op Boat program as a Skipper
 3.  Keelboat 3

  • Our instructors have extensive sailing experience and are Sail Canada certified.
  • Membership NOT required to take lessons with the Club.
  • ROCm / VHF Radio certification and PCOC are NOT required when sailing on the Glenmore Reservoir

Keelboat 1 - Start Keelboat Sailing ($440)

  • Begin sailing with this comprehensive course
  • No prerequisite
  • Learn the basics of being both crew and skipper on a keelboat
  • 3 participants per course / 1 instructor, 15 hours of instruction
  • Course details (pdf)
  • this course is available as a Women's Only course led by a female instructor.
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Keelboat 2 - Keelboat Skipper
$440 at Glenmore Reservoir

  • Expand your skills as a skipper
  • Prerequisite: Start Keelboat Sailing Course or equivalent experience
  • This course is for people wanting to join the Club's Co-op Boat Program and those who want to take the Keelboat Cruising Course to charter a sailboat.
  • Includes content specific to Glenmore Reservoir - dock protocol, launching and retrieving a trailerable sailboat, leaving and returning to the dock under sail, local conditions, wing on wing downwind sailing and more.
  • 3 participants per course / 1 instructor, 15 hours
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Keelboat 3 - Keelboat Cruising ($975)

Complete your Basic Cruising Standard with this three-day course sailing the tidal waters of the Gulf Islands.  Successful completion of Keelboat 2 (Keelboat Skipper) is a prerequisite for this course.

Course format:
    • Five hours of ashore theory at the Glenmore Sailing Club in Calgary (theory session may include participants from more than one course)
    • Three days of sailing and motoring in BC’s Gulf Islands. 
    • Maximum of 4 participants per course 
    • One instructor
    • Two-hour written exam on the boat
  • Students successfully completing all required Performance Objectives in Keelboat 2 and 3 obtain their Basic Cruising Standard certification.

Keelboat Spinnaker (a link will be here when this course is available)

  • Learn how to rig, hoist, fly, gybe and douse a spinnaker.
  • Prerequisite: Keelboat Skipper Course or equivalent experience. Skills required for this course include strong competency with gybing a sailboat, wind direction awareness, physical ability & balance to be on the foredeck.
  • Co-op Boat Program members must take this course or have experience before flying a spinnaker on the Co-op Keelboats.
  • 3 participants per course / 1 instructor
  • Course details (pdf)

Continue sailing after your course...

  • Join the Club's Co-op Boat Program 
  • Participate in recreational and racing events with the Club.
  • Sail with experienced members and build your sailing skills through our Pickup Crew List. 
  • Join us for a social at the Club.

Club Location:
8601 24 St SW, Calgary, AB T2V 5H9
(South Glenmore Park) - view map

The Club is fully wheelchair accessible.

Mailing Address:
Box 72107, Glenmore Landing PO
Calgary, Alberta T2V 5H9

GST #88037 2875 RT0001

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Phone: (403) 238-2044

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