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This program is on hold for 2024, check back in March 2025 for our 2025 offering!

University Student Sailing

Affordable. Fun. Lifelong recreation and sport. No experience required to get started!

The Glenmore Sailing Club encourages and supports university student sailing for students 18 - 25 years of age in full-time studies.

  1. Learn to Sail
  2. Recreational and competitive sailing
  3. Social events

Sailing is an inclusive recreation and sport for novice through experienced sailors to enjoy.

How to get started

Join the Club.
The Club subsidizes university student sailing programs.
  1. $85 Glenmore Sailing Club membership
    (regular individual membership is $325)
  2. $28 provincial and national sailing association memberships
  3. $80 volunteer bond
    (lots of opportunities to volunteer at the Club and get your volunteer bond back)
  4. $250 University Student Co-op Boat Fee
    (regular fee is $400)
  5. $150 CANSail 1 & 2 courses
    (regular rate is $790)
The Learn to Sail fee is a one time expense. Students who have their CANSail 1 & 2 levels don't pay the Learn to Sail fee.
2022 Program
  • Learn to Sail - get your CANSail 1 & 2 certification on the 420 sailboats
  • Enjoy recreational and novice racing until the end of October
  • Participate in Club social and sailing events 
Learn to Sail
  • Through the CANSail 1 & 2 courses, you'll learn the fundamental skills to crew and helm a 420 and Laser.
  • Students wanting to sail larger keelboats can take Start Keelboat Sailing and Keelboat Skipper courses (optional).
  • Racing School provides the foundational skills to join the weekly Wednesday Night Racing, Sunday Afternoon Fall Series and weekend regattas. Club racing is for everyone from novice to experienced sailor and is a great way to improve sailing skills and participate more fully in the Club.

Ongoing Sailing Opportunities

  • Recreational sailing - The Co-op Boat Program gives you access to the Club's boats all season (May through the end of October) for one fee.
  • Competition - Weekly Wednesday Night Racing, Sunday Afternoon Fall Series and weekend regattas.

University Students sail the "420" dinghies

Teamwork, Social, Fun

School / Life balance

Belonging and Lifelong connections


Do I need to know how to sail to get involved?

  • No. Experience not necessary.

What is the cost of joining a collegiate sailing club?

  • University students pay about 1/3 of the normal fees to sail as the Club is subsidizing the fees for students.

Do boats capsize? Is sailing safe?

  • Sailing dinghies is safe. Dinghies can capsize, but they can also be easily righted. Once you have done this in your lessons, your confidence increases and you can get back to enjoying the sailing.
  • Keelboats don't capsize. The keel weighs hundreds of pounds and keeps boats upright.

Why is there a focus on racing?

  • It is fun and it condenses learning... the skills required to sail recreationally and for sport are the same.
  • You don't have to race, join and learn to sail so you can enjoy a summer of recreational sailing.

How long has post-secondary sailing been in Canada?

  • Many years. There is an association for Collegiate Sailing in Canada and another for the USA.
  • It's new in Calgary.

I am interested in University Sailing

Club Location:
8601 24 St SW, Calgary, AB T2V 5H9
(South Glenmore Park) - view map

The Club is fully wheelchair accessible.

Mailing Address:
Box 72107, Glenmore Landing PO
Calgary, Alberta T2V 5H9

Phone: (403) 238-2044

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