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Coastal Keelboat Program

The Club is very excited to offer a new Coastal Keelboat Program on GSC's Catalina 30 Summer Ice (photos) in partnership with the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club.

Coastal sailing education and member chartering are the two objectives for this program.

Education - Sailing

Option 1: Keelboat 3 (Keelboat Cruising)
(theory ashore in Calgary, three days afloat on west coast, exam ashore in Calgary)

This course is for students who have taken Keelboat 1 (Start Keelboat Sailing) and Keelboat 2 (Keelboat Skipper). Build on your knowledge and experience from courses on the reservoir. Your time on the coast completes your Basic Crew or Basic Cruising Standard.

Option 2: Basic Crew / Basic Cruising
(four days afloat on west coast)

This four day intensive course on the west coast is designed to enable people with no / limited previous experience to Basic Crew Standard and people with previous sailing are more likely to complete their Basic Cruising Standard.


Summer Ice may be chartered by GSC members (Individual or Family) meeting the following criteria:

  1. Keelboat 3 OR Basic Cruising Standard OR equivalent experience
  2. Basic Coastal Navigation
  3. PCOC
  4. ROCm

Education - Navigation

Basic Coastal Navigation
(theory course ashore in Calgary)
(a link will be here when this course is next offered - don't want to wait, take an online course now)

Learn to plan and to safely navigate by day in Canadian coastal and inland local waters. This introductory course offers basic knowledge of navigation theory and is the initial course in a comprehensive set of courses offered by Sail Canada on vessel navigation.

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