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Scouts Sailing Programs
Details for Scouters and Parents

The Glenmore Sailing Club has been teaching youth sailing skills for decades. Our courses are taught using the Optimist sailboat.

Shared Delivery Model for this Program

Based on feedback from Scouters and Scouts we worked with Scouts Canada National Office to give kids more sailing time in the Scouts Sailing Program through a shared delivery model.

Scouters will deliver some of the Level 1 and/or 2 content with their groups and our instructors will focus on the sailing specific content.  

Scouters, here is the Scouts Sailing Program content for you to deliver with your groups.  

  1. Level 1 Shared Delivery Model
  2. Level 2 Shared Delivery Model

What should the kids bring when they go sailing

  • PFD - Please have kids to bring theirs if they have one. 
  • Clothes / shoes that can get wet.
  • Sunscreen / sunglasses
  • Water bottle
  • Helmet (mandatory under the 2019 Safety Equipment Standards - a bicycle helmet will work fine)



We suggest arriving 10 minutes or so prior to your group's start time.. we might still be rigging boats and getting ready for you but we plan to start your group on time.

Level 1

  • The first hour and a half or so will be on-shore instruction about safety, sailing fitness and age-appropriate sailing theory.
  • The balance of the lesson will be getting ready to sail and then out for an hour on the water.
  • Morning sessions are 9 am to noon
  • Afternoon sessions are 1 pm - 4 pm
  • Evening sessions are 6 pm - 9 pm

Level 2

  • Saturday and Sunday 8:30 am - 1:30 pm (this is a two day course)

Watching kids sailing

  • There are two pathways around the south side of the reservoir, both will provide you unobstructed viewing of the kids while they are sailing, the lower path is substantially closer to the water.


  • Youth go sailing in winds between 2 km/hr and 25 km/hr
    • We use regular sails for winds up to 14 km/hr.
    • We use the Reduced Area Design sails for winds up to 25 km/hr.
  • For smaller / younger youth we will may pair them up with another youth to sail together
  • Our emergency protocols document are available in the Club office


  • Unless we phone to cancel / reschedule... come ready to go sailing. 
  • We will call the group leader's cell number to cancel anytime before the start of the lesson. 
  • It is possible for the wind to build or diminish during the on-shore component to the point where going out on the water is not possible. If this happens, the session will end after the theory and we will work with your group to reschedule. Payment is required only after youth go sailing.
  • With lessons being scheduled months in advance it is possible there may not be an available time for your group to reschedule based on your group's calendar or ours. We apologize in advance if this happens.

Group Commissioner sign off
With the recent changes to Scouts Canada Standards, prior to participating in sailing, Group Commissioners need to approve a group's participation following their review of risk management plans.

What is next if the youth enjoy sailing?

  • Scouts Canada youth receive a 10% discount off summer sailing camp lessons.
  • Join our Youth Team. Team participants receive coaching from Sail Canada certified coaches and participate in the Club's Wednesday Night Series and weekend regattas (locally and at other sailing clubs). The Club has boats for Youth Team participants (youth don't need their own boat to be on the team).

Can adults go sailing?

There are a few options for adults to experience sailing

  • The Level 1 course is $30 (plus GST) per child and can be paid by cheque when your group arrives to go sailing. 
  • For groups with multiple days scheduled, please bring a cheque on the last scheduled day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has the Glenmore Sailing Club signed the Scouts Canada Indemnification Agreement?
  • Yes
Do we need a membership at the sailing club to take sailing courses?
  • No
How safe is sailing?
  • Very. 

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