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Myths About Sailing

Myth: Sailing is expensive


  • But... the wind is free.
  • The most economical way to sail with us is in our Co-op Boat Program.
  • Most sailboats at the Glenmore Sailing Club cost less than $5,000.
  • Sailboats have a multi-decade lifespan... so the annual cost is very small.
  • Membership at the sailing club is inexpensive and we're a great social club.

Myth: Bigger boats are more expensive than small boats


  • Some of the small boats are more technical and cost more money to purchase.
  • People choose to sail dinghies (small boats) or keelboats (bigger boats) for a variety of reasons.

Myth: You have to own a boat to sail


Myth: You need a lot of "sailing gear" before going sailing


  • Sunglasses, a hat, gloves and non-marking shoes are a good starting point.
  • The Club's Co-op Keelboats have lifejackets for sailors and when people crew on a member's boat, the member likely has a lifejacket to loan their crew. If you have your own lifejacket... bring it.

Myth: Learning to sail as an adult is hard


  • Talent is overrated. You do not need to have started sailing as a young child.
  • It might even be easier to learn as an adult because you bring a lifetime of experiences to the learning process. Learning anything has its challenges, but you can learn how to sail.

Myth: I need lots of experience before racing sailboats


  • Racing is simply sailing with a purpose. 
  • Club-level racing is a social activity.

Myth: Sailing is gender specific


  • Sailing skills are not gender specific.
  • Sailing levels the playing field among all participants.
  • Our #GirlsDoSail strategy is in place to get girls and women engaged in sailing through Women, Wind and WIne; Women's Keelboat Racing Teams; Girls Summer Camps, Girl Guides sailing.

Myth: You have to be physically fit to sail


  • Look at your friends or the people in your office... this is what sailors look like. We are all sizes and shapes. Some are in wheelchairs.

Myth: Watching sailing is boring

To be honest... it is a little boring to watch boats sailing.

  • Sailboats sail away from the shore
  • This makes it difficult to see all the activity on the boat and they look like they are moving slow even when they are really moving.

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