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Looking for a venue for a private function? Our Clubhouse is an excellent venue for private functions and is available for rent.  For information on renting the clubhouse, please visit our Clubhouse Rental page. 

Recreational sailor?
Interested in learning more, but want to "wade" in? Introducing our NEW Social Membership - $50 lets you eat and drink at the club (Wednesday nights and Friday nights), participate in our Friday fun sailing and coaching, and try your hand at up to two club racing outings (WNR or FSS).

Enrolled in Glenmore Sailing School?  Never been a member, but have a boat stall at Glenmore Park? 
Give us a try! We're offering 50% off full membership levels to first time members enrolled at the Sailing School and to boat stall owners.
Contact for details.


April Rules!  Learn the 2013-2016 Racing Rules in this two Part DVD series, hosted at GSC the first four Wednesdays in April.   Starting at 6:30pm with a social, and DVD starting at 7pm.  Please visit the April Rules webpage and register today!!



Registration for our popular Youth Summer Camps and Youth Race Team is now open. Information about our Camps can be found here: and information about our Race Team can be found here:

Registration for both programs can be accessed at . Membership discounts are available to those who are Individual or Family members and who have paid their dues this year. You will need the membership ID found on your profile on the Glenmore Sailing Club page to access the discount. If your child has previously participated in our program, their username and password will be their first and last name as one word. For example, John Doe would have the username and password johndoe). If they have not previously participated in our programs, please create a new profile for them. 

We had extensive wait-lists for all of our programs last year and encourage you to register quickly to avoid disappointment. If you have any questions, please contact Kate, our Junior Sailing Coordinator, at



We'd like to thank all of you who have provided us with much needed and insightful feedback on our proposed revisions to the membership dues and the accompanying volunteer bond.  Two things in this email: (1)  Your chance to sign up and volunteer!  (2) Clarification on the Volunteer Bond.
Easy Part First: How to volunteer
Volunteer Sign Up Sheets are posted at Our Volunteer Opportunity Page - please take some time and think it over. To volunteer, or to ask what is involved in a volunteer opportunity, please email or
Clarification on the Volunteer Bond
Some important points to note and understand that came from our AGM discussion:
  • It is not intended as a statement that our members are not volunteering, it is intended to raise the funds we need to operate at a sustainable level, accepting current/traditional rates of volunteering (which may well be relatively high given the size of our club), and reward those that make the time to volunteer extensively.
  • It is driven by a need to hire support in the following areas which, given current activity levels (which are higher than they were in the past), can no longer be done solely by the executive and/or other volunteers in a sustainable way (probably never were):
  • Treasury and Bookkeeping Support
  • Property Management and Maintenance
  • Race Committee Support
  • The executive will not likely designate sufficient volunteer opportunities for every member to meet their bond, because we are not anticipating that volunteer levels will change significantly as a result of the increase in dues, and there are fewer volunteer hours needed as a result of the support we are going to hire.  We intend that members continue to volunteer at the rates we have in the past (for most members, 0 to 2 volunteer events per year). 
  • Events will have online volunteer registration and/or sign-up sheets (i.e. Midsummer Regatta will only have 12 spots available, 7 RC, 5 Admin,  although for most years that is enough or more than enough) and a member of the executive will be responsible for tracking volunteer contributions at each event.
  • We need members to continue to volunteer! The current budget relies on continued volunteer efforts at current/historic rates.  If we are going to go completely to paid services, membership dues will need to increase. 
  • We hope the bond will encourage members to be a bit more proactive in signing up (i.e. make an effort to call, rather than wait to be called).  In all cases, if you step up, you will get plenty of support in terms of learning what you need to do and how it can be done.  You will be praised...nay even exulted!! 
  •  Revisions stemming from the AGM: (1) Regatta Race Committee positions will now be worth 4 volunteer credits - your entire bond!  All you need to do is commit to a weekend (appropriate on the basis that we are trying to have it work out that 1 volunteer credit = 4-5 hours of volunteer effort, whereas Regatta RC will surely be 15-20 hours). (2) All those members who volunteer twice (2x) will receive a $50 credit or 1 free ticket to the Annual Awards Banquet.  Those who volunteer four times will get a $100 credit or 2 free tickets to the banquet as initially proposed.
  • It is not our intent to discourage new members/people trying to get a sense of what our club is like.  We hope we will be as welcoming to non-members as always, and we have also created a new "Social Membership" in place of the old "Associate Membership" which costs $50 and allows holders to eat and drink at the club and to participate in up to two Wednesday/Sunday race events.  This new level does not carry a volunteer requirement.
  • It is a very new direction, but one that we feel we want to try.  If it is not working, we will have to try something different - options: (a) raise fees and move to a more professionally supported approach, (b) scale back our offering (c) rely more on volunteers as a means to reduce costs while offering the same services, but this option will require a higher level of volunteerism which has not been present historically.  We'll see how it goes.   What we want to avoid is overburdening a few volunteers to the point of burn out - It's about sustainability.
Notably, we are ahead of years past in terms of sign-ups both for memberships and for volunteering at events. (Although this might have more to do  with the free Pizza and sign up sheets at the AGM, rather than any glowing endorsement of this new direction!) Join the Party!
The Club's activities this year are going to be fantastic and better than ever.  Please volunteer because you enjoy and appreciate our club's activities and traditions. 
Your Executive.

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Phone: (403) 238-2044
Email: Communications @ GSC

Wheelchair AccessibleOur facility is fully wheelchair accessible, including showers in the change rooms.
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